Writing Government Proposals with Proposal Geeks

Government Proposal Automation

Developing Compelling, Compliant, & Complete Proposals


Proposal Geeks specializes in proposal automation. We have designed tools that work with Excel and Word to automate the proposal process. Through automation, your company can ensure consistent high quality proposals with less time.

Proposal Geeks offers a very affordable and effective method to ensure your Government proposals are:

  • Compelling
  • Compliant
  • Complete

Compelling Government Proposal Writing:

The process helps your team stay focused on the Evaluation Criteria that the Source Evaluation Board will use. It then gives them an easy method to place special emphasis items in the proposal that ensure the key points are easy to identify by the evaluator.

Compliant Government Proposals:

The process starts with an easy method to develop an outline for your proposal that is mapped to Section L (Proposal Instructions), Section M (Evaluation Criteria), and Section C (Statement of Work). The mapped items are then carried into the actual Word Documents that your writers will be using so that they can quickly reference them as they write each paragraph of the proposal.

Complete Government Proposals:

The process makes it easy for the Proposal Manager to quickly identify gaps or missing items in the proposal. The process includes an automated Color Review process that helps a team of reviewers identify any deficiencies prior to delivering the Government Proposal. To better understand our process, watch the demonstartion video on our samples page. You can also download free samples to test out a few of the tools. The tools work best when you use our parsing service but will work just as well if you parse your RFPs into the specially formatted Excel workbooks.

Please watch the brief video above for an introduction of how Proposal Geeks can help you automate the common practices and procedures associated with Proposal Development. Our procedures start with the RFP Analysis Phase to help you better understand the RFP and outline a winning proposal mapped to all the RFP requirements.

The Samples and Demos page offers a full 20 minute presentation on how you can automate your proposal through the following phases:

  • RFP Analysis Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Writing Phase
  • Review Phase
  • Final Production Phase

Proposal Geeks offers a premium quality parsing service to help you develop a compliant matrix early in the process. Visit our "Compliant Proposals Made Easy" page to learn more about developing Compliance Matrices.

Visit our "RFP Parsing Services" page to learn what makes our parsing service one of the best in the industry.

Visit our "Proposal Development Tools" page to see the tools you can get free just by using our Parsing Service.



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