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Samples and Demonstrations

The most effective way to understand the benefits of automating your common proposal development tasks is to witness the tools in action. We offer five options to see the automation tools in action.

1) 20 Minute Demo Video
This informative video is the best way to fully understand the tools and services that Proposal Geeks offers to help you lower your proposal cost and increase your win ratio through automation.

Click Play above to view a 20 minute video to get a good understanding of our tools and services that can help you develop more compelling, compliant, and complete proposals in less time through the use of automation.

2) Scan the Videos on the Training Page
If you are looking for help for a specific proposal task, scan the videos on our training page. The categories and video titles make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

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3) Sample Document and Workbook
If you like a little reading and some hands on exercises, request a set of our sample documents and workbooks.

    Request a Sample Document and Workbook →

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