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Acronyms Tools and Tips: A set of various acronym locating tools to help you unlock those mysterious acronyms that show up in your proposals. The tools locate and list all your acronyms in a matter of minutes. You also get tools to help you determine all their definitions.

Word and Excel 2007*

Check Lists Tools and Tips: A set of 12 different checklists for the various phases of proposal development. These lists help you organize all the things that have to be done at the various stages of a proposal. Each list is easily tailored for your company and each proposal.

Excel 2007*

Revenue and Pipeline Tools and Tips: You will love this easy to use Excel worksheet that helps you forecast revenue into the next five years based on your pipeline. Has many what-if tools and graphs to help you quickly determine where your efforts should be focused.

Excel 2007*

Proposal Budgeting: Tips on developing a realistic proposal budget depending on the various resources required. Tools include a budget creator with all the various resources and rates. Rates and times can be adjusted for any type of proposal.

Excel 2007*

Color Reviews: Tips on running a successful audit of the current status of your proposal. Tools include slides for running an in-brief and de-brief of the review plus a tool for tracking the status of the recovery efforts. Better reviews mean better proposals.

Excel and PowerPoint 2007*

Compliance Matrices: Tips on creating an excellent compliance matrix for various types of proposals. Tools include a spreadsheet specifically designed for mapping various portions of the request for proposal to the various paragraph headings, strategy, and resources.

Excel 2007*

Proposal Schedules: Tips on creating realistic proposal schedules for all sizes of proposals. Tools include pre-formatted schedules for various proposal types. The most popular tasks for proposals are included and can be tailored to your company and proposal requirements.

Project or Excel 2007*

Capture Plans: Tips on gathering data about your customers, competition, and company to develop a strong capture plan. A set of Power Point slides that walk you through developing a comprehensive Capture Plan presentation. Tools to extract various slides for different gate reveiws.

Power Point 2007*

Daily Status Meetings: Tips on running daily stand-up meetings to ensure the proposal stays on schedule and your team stays informed. Tools include status slides for each major section, plus an informative proposal topic of the day that you can brief to the team.

Power Point 2007*

Proposal Management Plans: Tips on developing a well-organized Proposal Management plan to keep executives and writers informed of your plan of attack. Tools include a template to help you develop a concise, complete, and compelling plan.

Word 2007*

Kick-Off Meetings: Tips on delivering an organized, motivational, and informative Kick-off meeting. Tools include a set of Power Point slides with suggested topics and graphics for a complete and informative Kick-Off Meeting to get the ball rolling towards a winning proposal.

Power Point 2007*

* Required software to use the tools. Tips are in PDF format and will require a PDF reader.

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