Writing Government Proposals with Proposal Geeks

Proposal Development Tools

Simplify Common Proposal Tasks to Save Time & Ensure Consistency


Proposal Geeks offers tools to help you at every major phase of the Proposal Process starting with the Analysis of the RFP:

  1. RFP Analysis Phase
  2. Planning Phase
  3. Writing Phase
  4. Color Review Phase
  5. Color Team Recovery
  6. Final Production

The Video to the right provides you a quick overview of our Proposal Development Tools. The Process Flow below shows the different tools we offer during each of the major Proposal Phases.

Watch the full 20 minute demo on our "Samples and Demos" page to see how the tools are used throughout the Proposal Process.

Tools Work with Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010

Our tools are tailored Word and Excel Documents with special Ribbons designed just for Proposal Development. There is no need to purchase new software and the learning curve is minimal. Many writers understand the entire Ribbon after just a 10 minute overview.

[proposal development diagram]

Automated Ribbon             Annual License Pricing *
Writers Ribbon** $1,250
Master View Ribbon $350
DTP Ribbon $650
Color Review Ribbon $500
RFP Wizards $1,000
Entire System $3,750
Discounts for Using Proposal Geeks Parsing Service
RFPs Parsed Per Year Discount Entire System Price
1 20% $3,000
2 40% $2,250
3 60% $1,500
4 80% $ 750
5 or more 86% $525
* Prices for ribbons are annual license fees per proposal center. The licenses allow for unlimited seats and unlimited proposals per proposal center.
** Writers ribbons have default graphic locations that can be reset for each proposal. The cost is free with each parsing service. If the proposal was not parsed by Proposal Geeks, the defaults can be reset for an additional $100.
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